Dear friends, we are Ödland.
We love wind and violin, clouds and piano.
We have to dream or the way may be lost.
We were born in a train and we are traveling with ghosts.
Our shadow will reappear, because the past is lighting us.
Dear friends, welcome to our Land.

The band Ödland was created on December the 13th 2008 in Lyon under the lead of Lorenzo Papace, composer-songwriter, accompanied by the Bingöllü sisters. Alizée Bingöllü is a singer and an actress, Léa Bingöllü is a violinist. Ödland draws its inspirations from nineteenth century music and European folklore. Neither reactionary, nor traditional, Ödland has a contemporary, acoustic, and poetic sound, enriched by a visual universe. The band has remained independent since its beginning. To date, it has self produced five records:

* the first EP (The Caterpillar 2008)
* three albums (Ottocento 2010, Sankta Lucia 2011, Galaktoboureko 2013)
* a 45 rpm vinyl (Zoophyte 2010)

Ödland organized three international tours: UK-Germany (2010), Germany (2012), Germany-Switzerland (2013)

Fourth band member Isabelle Royet-Journoud left the band in June 2012.

Alizée Bingöllü : sing, ukulele

Lorenzo Papace : piano, mandola, cithar, greek bouzouki, manjo, organ

Léa Bingöllü : violin, musical saw

On the album Galaktoboureko, Ödland welcomes two musicians
Lucie Lacour : cello

Mélodie Carecchio : flute

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