The Caterpillar

MARCH 2009. CD Digipack. 1000 copies.

1. The Caterpillar 4:45
2. Les yeux de l’oiseau 4:35
3. La chanson du parasite 4:22
4. Sur les murs de ma chambre 5:16
5. Mathilde Rossignol 5:57

The Caterpillar best free album in 2009.

“The Caterpilar by Ödland is a concoction of classically-trained pianist Lorenzo Papace of Lyon, France. Vocals (very likely through influence by French masters like Serge Gainsbourg) are contributed from actress and enchantress Alizée Bingöllü. Isabelle Royet-Journoud can be found on ukulele and environmental sounds, and Léa Bingöllü provides stringed accompaniment in the form of violin. These four individuals are Ödland, a French folk/classical group whose music is beautifully peaceful and unmistakably original.
The sound Ödland creates hints at a greater influence, one dating back a few centuries. Gainsbourg can be heard in the vocals of songs like title track The Caterpillar and its successor Les Yeux
de L’Oiseau. But Ödland quickly takes a different approach in La Chanson du Parasite, giving the vocals added harmony as opposed to the more poetic wordsmith so evident in the first two songs.
Likewise, the instrumentation is fuller; Papace’s piano even has the sound of a well-tuned 19th Century piece, a trait that follows throughout The Caterpillar.
As The Caterpillar continues, it looses the minimalism found in the first few tracks. Sur les Murs de Ma Chambre has the most impressive melody on the EP, while closing track Mathilde Rossignol forays
into a very 1950s style musical-style of folk-pop; you can almost visualize Alizée tap-dancing to select portions of the track.”
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The Caterpillar is the first Ödland’s EP, 5 songs recorded a rainy afternoon. This disc was relased with physicall copy and free download at the both time, wich allowed it a wide diffusion on the web for a first production.
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