Out the 13 of December 2010.

Zoophyte is the first 45 rpm vinyl record drom Ödland. It celebrates the second band’s brithday, the 13th of December 2010, magical day of Santa Lucia. Animal and vegtal knigdoms are studied in this disc, are fighting each other, expose their respective strategies to preserve the life against the chaos.
On the first side, Cecidomyiidae is a kind of snuff wich reproduce itself at an unbelievable rate.
On the other side, you will learn that theFloraison des bambous (bamboos flowering) happens just one time each century in some species to protect against predators.
In the 19th century, we called Zoophyte the living beings when we didn’t know if they were vegetal or animal. This disc is sitting on this boundary, where you can find rites, the fight for survival, and sexuality watched by Darwin. A precious vinyl, warm, where Activity and Passivity are compared.
Each disc of the 200 copies are numbered and signed by the band.

You can buy this disc in our shop.


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