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When did the Ödland’s idea appear? And Why?
The project was imaginated by Lorenzo Papace in december 2008. He needed to create an absolutly acoustic music, sincere and fragile, but however accessible by many people. He gathered some poeple sharing his love for the 19th century, to make an original modern music, shifted.

And why this name Ödland?
Isabelle find this name wich is refering to a s scandinavian tale. It was immediatly welcome in the band, because it is easily related to imagination and favourable with our experiments. Ödland means in some languages Desert or Waste lands. This concept sticks perfectly to our universe because we plow an abandoned musical region, but from where something can reappear.

What/who inspired your world?
By steam engine, tutu, telegraph, Franz Liszt, steamer, dresses, Paris, Lewis Caroll, tenya, Erik Satie, wood typography, toys, tea, Georges Bizet, Indians, Scott Joplin, night, Maurice Ravel, loneliness, photography and romantism.

If you could, would you live at the 19th century as eternal children?
We are shifted, but not reactionaries. Of course we would go there to enjoy sometimes, but our projet is really current. We break classical music and ragtime, because even everything is acoustic, we mix our toys and mistakes to old instruments.

Moreover which is the poor child to which you stole all its toys to make the video «The Caterpillar» ?
Lorenzo collects all those toys for their very particular sounds. And Isabelle uses them to create sound environments in our songs.

What is coming soon for Ödland?
We are working all the time on our first album Ottocento wich will be out in Spring 2010. This is a complete project, there are sixteen pieces with sometimes complexes forms. Moreover, a new person joins the band, Alice the violoncellist, wich gave us desire to examine all our songs again. Two music videos are in preparation too to accompany the output of this album which will be, we hope, fabulous.

You are self-produced. Is it a choice?
Ödland didn’t celebrate his first birthday yet, besides we already produced one first EP we are distributing in all the world. This first try has been realised with the Aerotone netlabel wich contributed a lot to spread it largely and for free on the web. We chose to produce cd ourself, and we are very happy of the final made. We know that there is now enough fans in the world to refund the price of such a production. Of course, we would love to be produced and distribute in a larger way to allow us to touch more and more people.

Will you tour soon?
Sure. The show is what we prefer. Alizée is an actress and our music completly acoustic. This is why we enjoy so much the shows. The public is immersed in our sound and visual worlds at the same time. There are many things to look at between Alizée’s characters, toys, strings and the piano. The tour isn’t set yet but as soon as the album will be out, we will travel, this is sure.


Ödland is a German word for Wasteland, but the realm this band comes from is ruled by Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat. Actually, Ödland are from southern France, featuring Lyon-based pianist Lorenzo Papace and singer Alizée Bingöllü, an actress and fille sourire for sure, though quite a special one, sounding like a cross between Vanessa (you guess which one) and the ghost of a well-educated little girl from the 19th century.
Ödland’s music is labeled as folktronica on the net, whatever that may mean, but it’s surely much more, interweaving highly alluring chamber music with the spirit of British bonbon artpop babes Lollipop Train, amalgamating ragtime splinters, animals’ voices and innocent whispers into something half chaste, half supersexy, playful and beguiling all the way.
Just the right path to dreamland on some of these nights – but do not download without a surrealistic pillow.

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