Sankta Lucia

Sankta Lucia
CD Digipack (2011) + 32 sheets booklet

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In Sweden there is a wonderful place called Ödland. The day of Saint Lucia, Sankta Lucia, is celebrated there. The young girls wear crowns of candles and the boys wear pointed hats. In winter, north of the Arctic Circle, the traditional Neapolitan song, la Santa Lucia, is sung, translated into Italian in the nineteenth century. In Scandinavia the lyrics were changed to emphasize the theme of light fighting against darkness. And so, every year on December 13th, the day our group was created, a magical line crosses the European continent from Naples to Lapland.

This album, inspired by the richness of European folk music, speaks poetically about the continent’s history, its colours and its misfortunes. The themes of nomadism, culture, war, religion, Nazism and travel in general are explored. We aim to strengthen the feeling of a rich and varied common European culture in the collective consciousness, with the hope of achieving greater mutual understanding. It seems to us that the notion of a European identity is something that is created and must be sought out. Europe is an invention rather than a discovery.

The beautiful thing about this idea is that allows close ties to be created between people of different countries with turblent pasts. Wars have torn the continent apart for centuries and, in the case of Yugoslavia, only a few years ago. The ties are fragile… Everyone must believe in Europe and cherish it. This step towards world peace may be utopian, but it deserves our efforts and passion all the same.. Art and culture are practically universal; ignoring borders, they open hearts and minds. Music crosses ethnicities and religions.

We bring our youth, our energy and our international cultural understanding to this European dream. A cultural project is always political, taking place within a vision of people and the world. This is why we are proud to lay down some foundations of peace and tolerance using pleasure and recreation.. With this second album, which is deeper and more grounded in reality, we welcome you to our world – we welcome you to Ödland.
Bon voyage!


1. L’enlèvement d’Europe 01:39
2. Thirty-one wanderings 02:07
3. Piccioni colorati 01:15
4. Dummer Waltzer 05:23
5. Une nuit dans un train serbe 03:11
6. Trottoirs vermoulus 05:22
7. La Grèce et moi 03:46
8. Les dieux sont partis 04:29
9. Blag nesreca 02:25
10. Thessaloniki 02:12
11. La joueuse de flûte 05:15
12. Sextilis fugitif 01:52
13. Trains possibles 03:29
14. Ecseri piac 03:40
15. Warszawa 02:07
16. Østersøen 02:22
17. Östersund 04:22
18. Kiruna 04:51
19. Santa Lucia 04:54




Translation: Clare Stovell

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36 Responses to Sankta Lucia

  1. Grinny says:

    Un très grand merci pour cet album que j’ai recueilli chez moi avec plaisir! Et bravo!
    Il me tarde d’avoir une connexion digne de ce nom pour pouvoir admirer vos clips qui m’ont l’air tout autant remplis d’évasion et d’envoûtements que votre musique.

  2. foomin says:

    gorgeousness-so incredibly lush & lovely. one of my favorite records for October-the month of my birth. thank you for the music. blessings, fooms.

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  31. I just found your brilliant video on Buzzfeed and I am now a HUGE fan!! I look forward to more beautiful music and videos.

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