Les yeux de l’oiseau – Bedroom live session video

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Les yeux de l’oiseau – Bedroom live session

Hello and Happy New Year!

We just choose the name of our 4th album, and we would like to tell this to you:

This coming disc will be called Comète (tr. Comet), which don’t surprise you so much because it follows, or we should say it is the outflowing coma from our EP Après avoir décroché les étoiles (tr. Since we’ve reached the stars)… That’s it, a small detail, and we need to work a lot in order to see our Comète launched and perhaps shining, but we wanted to spread the word.

We have an other upcoming news. You know we love to travel and play concerts everywhere. It is unfortunately not always possible to come into your city, district or country, even if we wish it. Pending full ubiquity, we found a solution!

We are going to plan our Bedroom Live Sessions on YouTube, kind of web 2.0 mini-shows on live from the bedroom where we work. Therefore you will be able to assist to our shows without traveling by plane or boat, which is great! This is certainly not like a real real show, but it looks like a small intimate moment we can share.

During these broadcasts, we will play arranged songs from previous albums, and why not, some new songs, or tests? If you are connected during the live show, you may write to us some messages or questions in the chat box, we will answer as soon as the song is finished. It almost looks like when we chat after a regular show.

And if you missed the broadcast for any reason, keep calm. We will record the sessions and post them on YouTube , so you will be able to watch and watch again them!

For the first session, you voted on our Facebook page, and we will start with a classic tune from us, Les yeux de l’oiseau, electro arranged, so it will sound different. You just need to go on this page Friday the 16th of January, let’s meet at 8.00pm (Paris time zone). If you own a Google or Youtube account, you may register the event, or even better subscribe to the Pianina & Papace channel for free, and you won’t miss any event.
Until then, we kiss you virtually, and see you next week dear friends!

Happy new year 2015!!!

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Sixth birthday

We are now 6 years old. Happy #sanktalucia to everyone!

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